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Photo of Gary Downard     Hi, Gary Downard here, with my wife Donna. I'm the "Founder" of Golden Recoveries.

    As a hobby I've been doing historical research for over 40 years. My "specialty" is U.S. farmers and ranchers from the mid 1800's through about the mid 1900's.

    The first time I came across a story of an old farmer who buried his gold and died without recovering it or telling anyone where to find it, my ears "perked up". I thought, hmmmmm, "I'll bet that happened alot back in the days when lots of people buried their money instead of putting it in a bank. I decided to drop all other research and "specialize" in those types of situations.

   Through the years I documented and filed away hundreds of cases where this happened. Some of the people who buried these hoards were known to the local "townfolk" as hermits, misers, eccentrics, or recluses. Some of them were just ordinary people who just "didn't trust banks". Sometimes people lived where there weren't any banks in their area.

   I began to research each case one at a time, to see if a recovery of these hoards might be possible. Could they still be where they were originally buried?

   I became familiar with the dusty back rooms of libraries and historical societies. I researched original land plat maps that show where the property was, to see if it was still privately owned "open" ground, or now under the parking lot of the local Walmart or other developed ground. County clerk record searches show who owns the property now so it can be pinpointed to exactly where the property is.

   Through this research I found that about 80% of all the "lost treasure leads" that I had on file were what I classified as "non-recoverable" for one reason or another. Some of the reasons these leads were eliminated include, facts proved that a family member most likely already recovered it, the ground is now developed, the ground is now part of a state park or other government land, and sometimes the "story" was a complete lie (newspapers "back then" wanted to sell papers just as bad as they do today).

    But ........................ after exhaustive research, I still have over 80 cases where there is a very high  probability that the gold coin hoard is still in the original place, and it is still on "open" ground, usually still farm ground! I call these locations my "Hot Spots".

    In my "links" area on this page are some samples of some of my "Hot Spots" for you to view. Of course names, dates, and locations have been edited out. Hey, I don't want you running out there and digging them up before I get there!

   I want to target only sites that contain collector gold coin hoards buried by ranchers and farmers in the U.S. from the 1800s through the early 1900s as well as people who were known in their day as "Hermits", "Misers" and "Recluses", and for whatever reason their hoard was never found or recovered. I feel these types of lost coin hoards have a much higher chance of recovery than some legendary "pirate treasure" or buried "outlaw stash", because though original land records, old census records, etc. we can pinpoint the exact ground the hoard was buried on.

   Think these types of hoards yield mostly small "mom and pop" caches?

   These sites can yield buried treasure worth millions of dollars. A hoard of gold collector coins worth just $1,000 when they were buried 75-100 years ago would be worth more than $50,000 in gold value alone at today's gold prices! But those gold coins would be worth millions on today's gold coin "collectors" market!

   To put it in perspective. Just 75 collector gold coins from the 1800's that were found buried on a farm in Illinois in the early 1980's was estimated to be worth possibly over 1 million dollars. And gold is worth considerably more today then it was in the 1980's.

   Before I select any site for a search and recovery effort, the site must be confirmed to be on property that is still located on open, privately owned ground. (Original land ownership and plat maps records are searched to find the original site. Then a modern land records search is done to see who now owns the ground.)

   And why wouldn't a fortune in gold coins already be recovered? Believe it or not, in many, many cases, the person who buried them never told anyone where they buried them. Not even their spouse! They usually had good intentions of telling their family before they died, but for one reason or another it never happened. People back then were no different than people are today in many ways.

   People today still never think that they will die today ............... for any reason ................ even if they're sick. But sometimes, through accidents or sickness, they do. And sometimes ................... it happened before telling anybody where their hoard was stashed. They just weren't "expecting to die", or, death came faster than they expected, so they didn't have a chance to tell. Sometimes their tongue got "palsy", as they called it back then. We know it today as a "stroke". If they couldn't walk, couldn't talk, or move their arms much, then they usually died before being able to "give up their secret".

My "Business Plan"?
    I plan to search as many of my "Hot Spot" locations as possible. I have collected dozens and dozens and dozens of sites through the years of historical research that I call "Hot Spots". These are locations which have very distinct probabilities that gold coin hoards are still there and are recoverable. Using the technology listed below ........... it will just be a matter of "Where" I recover a hoard, not "If".

   Remember as you're reading through samples of a few of my "Hot Spots" listed on this site that one reason that these hoards were never recovered is the fact that the only tools people had to search with back then was metal probes to pound into the ground hoping to get lucky, or picks, shovels, etc. Modern search technology and equipment has come a long way since then!

   The technology to recover these hoards is now available!! A soon as I can afford to buy the piece of equipment shown below I will begin recovery attempts, but I'm retired on a fixed income. Of course if I run into somebody that can buy it now and wants to become my partner .......... I would make them a partner for a percentage of the finds. The piece of equipment shown below enables two people to search a football size field in about an hour! It detects on the surface or up to 15 feet down! Make sure you watch the live equipment demo video below to see how it works. I think you'll get excited!

   I can use this equipment just like Mel Fisher used his magnetometer on the water to search the ocean floor. Back and forth, back and forth

Because the ocean is such a very big place, it took Mel Fisher 14 years of searching to find his prize. I have a search field narrowed down to a few acres of farm ground for each one of my "Hot Spots". With the equipment shown below, I'll be able to completely search my site in a matter of a few days! Back and forth, back and forth, over a few acres of farm ground, NOT the ocean.

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact me!

Here's the equipment that I want to use to search my "Hot Spots". Click on the pic to see a live demo


 I do not keep any files at home. They have all been converted to digital and are in a bank safety deposit box. I also have four very full grown and very healthy "Property Managers" to discourage strangers fom coming around uninvited. You can see their pics in the links area on this page. Let's just say that they are NOT friendly. They won't like you! You can also see a pic of Bessie on that page.

   Remember what Clark Griswold said ..........  "It's a quest. It's a quest for fun. You're gonna have fun, and I'm gonna have fun... We're all gonna have so much ^#&^*@ fun we're gonna need plastic surgery to remove our @&%^! smiles! You'll be whistling 'Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah' out of your ^%$*&^!"
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